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The following is a copy of our standard Mediation-Arbitration Agreement which provides further description of the rules and procedures applicable to the mediation-arbitration process as administered by LOI.


WHEREAS, the undersigned parties, through their counsel or representatives, have retained Legal Options, Inc. to provide services for the purpose of assisting them in their effort to resolve an existing dispute, said parties agree as follows:

1. The parties have selected Geoffrey B. White as “Mediator” to structure, monitor and facilitate their negotiations through a voluntary, non-binding process of mediation. Each party agrees to insure that the mediation session is attended by the person or persons who have full and adequate authority to enter into a binding settlement agreement. In the event that any such person necessary for full settlement authority cannot be present, the mediation session may proceed only if such person can be reached by telephone at any time during the mediation.

2. The parties acknowledge the Mediator’s role as a neutral and impartial third party whose function in the mediation process is to facilitate their settlement negotiations through procedures which assist the parties in identifying their respective interests and goals, exploring options and alternatives for settlement and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their respective legal positions and risks at trial. The parties further acknowledge that the Mediator is not acting in his capacity as an attorney and is not undertaking to provide legal advice to either party.

3. In the event that they are unable to reach a settlement agreement during the designated session of mediation, the parties voluntarily agree to submit their dispute to binding arbitration and have selected Geoffrey B. White as “Arbitrator”. The hearing will occur immediately following the mediation session referenced herein and each party will submit an indexed set of exhibits, sworn testimony or other evidence for the Arbitrator’s consideration in rendering a binding decision. Information presented by the parties during the mediation session referenced herein may, in the Arbitrator’s discretion, also be considered in rendering his final decision.

4. Unless the parties otherwise agree, the rules of evidence, state or federal, shall not be strictly enforced, but will apply to the Arbitrator’s ultimate determination of the admissibility of any evidence offered at hearing and the weight to be accorded such evidence. The Arbitrator will decide only the issues presented to him by the parties for final determination, including all issues concerning the determination of damages and the types of remedies which the Arbitrator is authorized to award. Unless otherwise agreed, the Arbitrator will not award costs, attorneys’ fees or interest.

5. Unless the parties otherwise agree, the Arbitrator will render his award by written decision within twenty (20) business days of the formal closure of the hearing.

6. Each party to the dispute shall compensate Legal Options, Inc. for the mediation-arbitration session at the rate of $450.00 per party per half day (up to three hours) or $900.00 per party per full day (up to six hours). Each party shall compensate Legal Options, Inc. at the rate of $150.00 per party per hour for time spent by the Mediator/Arbitrator in excess of the scheduled half or full day session. Any party canceling the mediation-arbitration within five business days of the scheduled session shall be responsible for payment of a cancellation fee in the amount of $450.00.

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