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Negotiation is the most effective and least understood process of dispute resolution and can settle conflicts before they escalate into claims which require litigation or other types of third-party intervention. Research and studies from The CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, an internationally recognized organization devoted to alternative dispute resolution, confirm that effective negotiation is the least expensive form of ADR with a success rate of approximately 90%.

The failure to negotiate successfully can transform a dispute into a claim which requires litigation, resulting in increased costs, harm to business relations and diminished control of the parties themselves over the resolution process. Even when disputes are litigated, only a small percentage actually proceed to trial. The overwhelming majority of all civil actions will eventually settle through some form of negotiation, either directly between the parties or assisted by a mediator. Therefore, it is imperative that any organization understand the negotiation process and its importance as an effective tool in resolving conflicts.

The panel members of LOI are experienced trainers and teachers in the field of negotiation theory and practice. They have decades of professional experience as negotiators in their respective areas of concentration, as well as years of academic experience at both the law school and graduate school levels.

Our training programs can help your organization with the following:

1. Conflict analysis and negotiation theory
2. Identification of goals and strategies
3. Implementation of a negotiation plan
5. Design of a conflict management system

Participants will be able to:

1. Develop individualized negotiation skills
2. Understand different bargaining theories
3. Engage in creative problem solving
4. Avoid common traps inherent in conflict